Our Procedure

Once you go through our website and narrow down on a medical service that you need, we take it up from there. Following is a plan of how we function:

  1. You connect with us online or through phone.
  2. You submit your medical reports with details of your health. In case of a cosmetic procedure you give us a brief on what you would like to have done.
  3. We review your case (medical or cosmetic) and connect with the right doctors to get an expert review.
  4. In case of a special demand to be treated at a particular hospital, we can facilitate it across hundreds of hospitals and hospital chains.
  5. A plan is chalked out along with the doctor and the medical facility that includes details of surgery, number of days for stay and costing.
  6. We prepare a detailed itinerary of your travel, stay and travel back home. This includes:
    • Cost estimates
    • Tentative days of your stay
    • Details of your travel plan
    • Flight arrangements
    • Scheduling of your medical appointments
    • Booking of hotels
    • Local information and sight-seeing options
  7. The itinerary is shared with you and to understand your feasibility.
  8. On your arrival we assist you with the following:
    • Smooth transit from the airport to your hotel
    • Providing language translator
    • Making arrangements for your special dietary and religious needs
    • Foreign exchange
    • SIM card
  9. We facilitate your treatment at the hospital, so that there is no waiting time, you have all-time assistance by providing private attendant(s).
  10. We are in constant touch with you at the time of your recovery after the surgery. Our attendants are available at your every beck and call.
  11. We arrange a leisure trip for you after doctors’ approval, post your recovery period.
  12. We stay connected with you even after you head back home for needs of follow ups or further medical consultation.