About us

Ma-Lawe Healthcare Solutions

We, at Ma-Lawe Healthcare Solutions, have a single point goal as our business model – your health. Everything else is secondary. With a long standing experience in this industry we finally decided to launch a platform of our own in order to give you a big step up from a merely customer-service model to personal care and a genuine helping hand. In this sense we are not just facilitators in the process but your immediate support who ensure perfect personalized solutions.

We have some of the best medical experts in the industry, renowned all over the world, who stand by us in our philosophy. It is our enthusiasm for a healthy world, clubbed with the technical excellence of our doctors that motivates us towards this cause.

Our Philosophy of L.O.V.E.

Life, Openness, Vitality and Ease – L.O.V.E. We function around these four pillars of values that set us apart from other players in the industry.

Life: We respect life in its every form and strongly believe that everyone needs to be treated with dignity. When you step out of your home we take it upon us to safeguard your life's worth.

Openness: It is through openness and transparent structures that trust is built. We make sure that you are fully aware of every step we take together, be it related to your medical procedures or bills.

Vitality: Life is not the same when it starts losing its energy. Technically we facilitate the best ways to regain it on medical grounds. We also help you refresh your vitality by making your trip a wholesome experience.

Ease: When you hire us, it becomes our responsibility to ensure a smooth transition from home to India and back, and everything in between. We stand by you to make everything easy, throughout, right up till you go back satisfied.

We abide by the traditional Indian diction of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam, meaning the world is one family. With the aim to bring a smile on every face, we function by tools of humanity and respect.